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The only reason why people request a copy of the ABB Conversion Method ebook is because they want a larger market share of their industry.

BAD NEWS: Reading the "ABB Conversion Method" ebook will not guarantee your success.

Not because it is not valuable, but because I have no idea if you are committed enough to implement the things written in it.

Reading (or acquiring knowledge) has never made anyone successful. Implementation is key.

Below are a few testimonials from some of the first set of people (within a test group) who read the "ABB Conversion Method" ebook.

My name is Alimi Oladapo Sunday, I'm a member of the Promise Ohaneje Coaching Partner Program.

Our goal is to help only those who are serious about prospering online by giving them every resource they need, plus required training.


There's no magic pill on the internet for instant wealth. You should be ready to put in the required work. The best we can do is offer help, but you have to put in the work.

For us to help you at the highest level possible, we need a better understanding of who you are...

Read The Questions Below And See If Your Answer To Any of Them Is YES!

  • Do you want to grow your business online, but you have NO IDEA where to start?
  • Have you been trying to follow your passion, but you feel stuck for lack of funds to pursue it?
  • Do you have a company that's been successful, but for some reason you're feeling stuck?
  • Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people, or have a bigger impact on the world?
  • Are you convinced that you need a funnel, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take?
  • Or do you just want to hear from someone who has BEEN THERE, DONE THAT...?

If You Answered YES To Any Of The Questions Above, Then I Have A 'JumpStart Package' For You On The Next Page.

In the famous words of one of Otunba Akin Alabi, one of Nigeria's most respected names in online marketing...

"If you don't have money, you can't follow your passion; you can't pursue your dreams. So get money first, then follow your passion."

The major reason many people start an online business is to make money.

Ironically, this is the same reason why a staggering 90% of internet business owners are quitting daily.

Check the 'Chris Ducker' statistics from Google below...

If you don't want a similar story for yourself, then read the message below slowly and carefully.

The reason why many people never make any money online is because they are trying to get good at everything.

Many get stuck trying to master the technology, or trying to perfect their sales funnel, or trying to get a good looking logo, etc.

Some others never even get started. They just give up and return to their 9-5.

Isaac Newton, said:


The fastest way to attain great heights is to climb on the shoulders of giants.

  • Imagine getting all the building blocks of a successful internet business in an instant.
  • Imagine having a hand-in-hand walkthrough on your online business setup with someone who knows the next mistake you're about to make... 
  • What if we give you a 100% DFY (ready-made) business that you can just slap your name on it and start earning profits?

What if we could set you up in digital marketing such that you can easily mop up more customers than you can possibly handle at any given time, in any industry you choose...

Will difference will that make for you? How fast do you think you could start earning profits?

How fast are you currently moving? And how much faster are you willing to move?

Our emphasis has always been to help serious folks.

So if you get easily distracted by everything you see online, or if you're nervous because you think you're not good enough...

Then brace up, because you won't be pampered.

Speed, they say, is the new money!

I do hope you are an action taker. A quick question you should ask yourself is "How committed am I?" "How hungry am I?"

Your answer will determine your results.

And I sure know that some people reading this are already stuck in their own ways and won't do exactly as I say.

I totally get it. We are adults. Products of habit. After a while, even hardship becomes more of a habit than a condition.

You might have gotten so accustomed to never taking action that you now perfectly fit what Les Brown meant when he said, "Most People Will Not Even Participate In Their Own Rescue"

But if you are among the select few who want to change their lives and not be a mediocre for the rest of the year, then the red button below calleth unto you.

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