REVEALED: The 30 Days Blueprint For Setting Up A 7-Figure Internet Business (That Spits Out Cash Like A Broken ATM) - without any previous experience...

Answer the questions below - SINCERELY!

Have you been struggling with setting up and/or running a fully automated internet business?

How long have you been at it? And how much longer can your patience last before you lose your mind trying to get it right?

Speed Is The New Money!

Here's what a former bank CEO (and current Chairman of Heirs Holdings) said in 2013.

Tony Elumelu

UBA Group

The biggest problems entrepreneurs have is that they either run out of time or run out of money before they get to the success line.

This is coming from someone who has been all over the world and has seen things from different perspectives. He has also been an adviser to over 10,000 young entrepreneurs through his Tony Elumelu Foundation.

He said this is the main reason why over 90% of failed businesses failed. Not enough time to implement their genius ideas and/or not enough funds to push through.

Unfortunately, this painful problem is not about to end anytime soon. Most people don't have enough money, and ALL of us have limited time.

And that is where the problem is...

What if I could show you a simple way to setup a highly profitable online business in record time, without breaking the bank?

No, scratch that...

What if I could show you the easiest method to set up an internet business that pays you daily like clockwork, before you even invest your money in it?

Let's take it a step further...

What if there's a non-techie, no-experience-needed, newbie-friendly guide that shows you a step-by-step blueprint to set up a very simple, yet highly profitable internet business - Really Fast...

...such that you don't run out of time or money before you get to the success line.

What difference will that make in your life?

If you read this page to the end, I will not just show you some white-hat tactics and tricks to raking a ton of sales online on complete automation, I will so show you how to leverage on the most valuable entrepreneurial skill today.

Then I'll hand you the timeless blueprint that helped me build a weird niche funnel that generated N2,751,360 in 28days, as far back as 2017. That's approximately N100,000/day.

And I made all that money on almost autopilot.

It took me many years of trying before I perfected the system. Now, I've refined the system so well that anyone with half a brain can replicate these results in 30days or less.

Speed Is The New Money. If You Snooze, You Lose!

So would you like me to hand you this same blueprint? Or you are comfortable with running out of time and money before you get to the success line?

Wait, hold on...

Before I introduce the blueprint, let me introduce myself.

Who Am I? And why should you even listen to me?

That's me in the middle, with the red arrow pointing to my head...

My name is Promise Ohaneje. I'm the founder of Robotic Selling Forum, Phone Closing University and The WebGod Marketing Agency.

I've had the privilege to work with over 130 local Nigerian businesses in growing their revenue online - through my internet marketing agency.

Plus, I have trained hundreds of students with over 250+ verifiable success testimonials (documented) from within the three coaching programs that I had organized.

The image above is from one of the 70+ workshops I did around the country over a 3yrs span (2017-2019), coaching people on how to build a successful online business using tools that are freely available online.

If you don't know me yet, or you've not at least seen my face once online, then you've probably been living under a rock, or you have never been active in the internet marketing space in Nigeria...


My story was not always this beautiful. I started from rock-bottom - as a broke, struggling and hungry undergraduate boy, with a borrowed laptop.

When I started in 2009 (about 11 yrs ago), I was selling a software that helped people watch DSTV channels for free on their PC without paying for subscription.

I didn't even know how to advertise online. I was rather printing posters and pasting them round the city. See sample below.

Pardon the camera quality. I didn’t have a good phone at that time.

Imagine the pain of pasting posters at night, then going for classes in the morning, and praying seriously that someone will see your poster and either visit the website or call your number.

I literally struggled in my early days as an entrepreneur. I went from being a pauper who was feeding hand-to-mouth to raking 7-figures consistently every month after I figured out a winning framework.

This became my blueprint that helped me leverage on the single most valuable entrepreneurial skill.

I'll share this blueprint with you in a moment, but before I do, let me ask you...

What Do You Consider The Most Valuable Entrepreneurial Skill?

I'll give you a clue...

  • ... It's the skill that drives almost every Naira made online and offline.
  • ... It's the skill that can transform a run-of-the-mill business into a wealth generating machine.
  • ... It's also the skill that many veteran entrepreneurs confess is the toughest to master.

Your first sale is a crucial vote of  confidence your audience gives with their bank account. So if you're experiencing low sales, chances are you're most likely lacking in one particular skill...

I don't blame anyone struggling with it.
It's not a skill that's taught in high school or prioritized in our universities.

Most people think it's skills like...

  • Networking
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Money management
  • Branding
  • Leadership

... are the most important entrepreneurial skills.

While these are very important skills in their own way, they're relatively easy to outsource or develop.

Confession Time...
...and this is a confession you won’t often hear from an online entreprenuer.

Even though this skill directly generates the most revenue in my business, in reality, I'm not a "guru" at it. I simply have a formula that allow me fill in the blank spaces to get my desired results.

And one of my biggest regrets is not learning its foundations sooner.

Let me spill the beans.

The one skill that every entrepreneur must have in order to flourish in business is...


The ability to make people pull out their wallets and pay for your goods and services, even if they previously had other needs for that money.

Especially, selling online...

This entails selling through written copy, or via videos, live webcast (webinars), simulated webcast (auto-webinars), audio, and even pictures.

Selling (both online and offline) is the most profitable skill I’ve ever learned. Every serious entrepreneur must understand it's principles if they want to reach their most audacious goals.

It is normally a tedious process, but with a step-by-step and easy to follow blueprint, your bank mobile app will become the most visited app on your phone.

Truth is... You might be a great funnel designer, freelancer, graphic designer, “e-commerce marketer”, agency owner, event manager, cake designer, construction engineer, public speaker, dentist, chiropractor, photographer, restaurant owner, architect, musician, or even an artisan...

If you like, do packaging from morning till night, carry MacBook Pro and be posting on Instagram from morning till night, if you can't persuade people to actually buy your stuff (or your client's stuff)... well... you’re screwed.

Below are few sales tactics you can deploy in your next sales campaign to make it sell like gangbusters.

This is your pathway to jumpstart your journey into digital marketing.

Sales Tactic #1:


The ability to make people crawl over broken glass begging to buy your products at any price.

Dr. Iguedo's Goko Cleanser is a popular Nigerian drug which claims to cure so many sicknesses, it sells on the streets for ₦500. Yet a medical doctor who just seats in his consulting room will charge over ₦50,000 to treat same ailments.

Why So?

One is seen as a salesman. He goes after people, sometimes people walk out on him, he only hopes that they buy.

The other is seen as an expert. People go to him, they book an appointment, wait in queue for their turn, and literally beg for his expertise.

Which do you prefer to be seen as? The expert or the salesman?

I prefer to use something I call “Attraction Marketing”. It goes against those traditional marketing rules that force you to do prospecting. Reaching out to people (i.e. prospecting) is actually why people hate marketing.

But what if I could show you how to position yourself so that people rather come to you for help instead of you looking for them. They begin to see you as an expert, rather than a salesman.

This form of marketing rather helps you focus on “celebrity-authority positioning” which allows people to instantly trust you within a few minutes of coming in contact with you online.

I didn’t invent this method. I stumbled on a secret formula that helped me dominate every social space for 6months straight with very little effort using a special 7days content multiplier formula.

After 6months, just repeat the 7days work and you’re covered for the next 6months. This will help you move quickly from prospecting to positioning.

You Only Work For 7Days And Generate Magnetic Attraction Content That Will Last You For The Next 6 Months. It’s Insanely Amazing!!!

This secret formula is one of the things I hope to give to you “for absolutely free” after you’re done reading this page.

If you use it properly and you do your attraction marketing rightly, you will instantly gain celebrity authority status in your industry/niche. Your brand’s perceived value will be instantly heightened.

You automatically open your audience’ heart and instantly warm them up for the sale.

You will also find out that they easily give you their contact details and they eagerly expect to hear from you.

Now, this is your golden opportunity to sell your products/services to them. Because they now trust you.

Sales Tactic #2:


This is the ability to sell a product in its abstract form (before it is produced or procured).

The norm in business is to acquire or create products, then find a way to sell them. Most times, these products start collecting dust in the warehouse or garage where they are kept.

But what if you could have people order for your products before you invest your time, money, energy and resources into creating it (or acquiring it)?

Wouldn't that be a lot better for you? How can you make people pay you for a product they have not even seen?

Few Examples That We Can All Relate To:

Elon Musk got over 200,000+ pre-orders of the Tesla Cyber Truck under 48hrs by deploying the Selling Air sales tactic.

These over 200k people parted with their money and are willing to wait for 18-24 months before their truck comes from the factory.

Another example is Russell Brunson (CEO ClickFunnels) who wrote a book and only printed 10 copies, yet went ahead to sell 170,000+ copies. Before he went to the publisher to mass produce.

Similarly, when I launched my coaching programs online (Phone Closing University, Animators Haven, Promise Ohaneje Partner Program and Robotic Selling Forum)...

I made sure I sold at least 25 licenses before I start creating any content. I use this same tactics for the 130+ local Nigerian business that we consulted for within my agency.

This shows me that there is a need for the product and that the market is ready to buy it at that price point. I work with certainty, not assumptions.

It works for both physical products and digital products. I wanna show you how...


If I give you a 24mins video where I fully explain the concept of "Selling Air" and how you can deploy it to sell out any type of product in record time (within 48hrs)... would it make a difference in your life?

The two tactics are extracts from a secret "9-Part Sales Formula" required to sell absolutely anything online.

This formula is absolutely responsible for the huge sales numbers we record in-house on a regular basis (even with the ongoing COVID-19 saga).

Today, I'll like to share this formula with you. I want to make you an offer so generous, you'd need to be BRAIN-DEAD to miss out on it.

I've bundled everything into a 25-module video course that you can finish in 5hrs. The content of this video course is worth more than the millions of naira spent on Lagos Business School tuition.

Plus, you'll also get instant actionable steps that you can start implementing, following a 30-day plan


Instant Profits Blueprint

The step-by-step blueprint to building your "7-Figure Cash-On-Demand Internet Business" in 30days - with no previous experience required.

Here's What You Get Inside...

MODULE 1: Initiation (Mindset & Discipline). In this section, I dived deep into how to easily rewire your mind for success. (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 2: The Ideal Customer Avatar. Here we start identifying who our ideal client is. It makes the entire marketing thingy easy-peazy. (Value: ₦5,000)

MODULE 3: Magnetic Attraction Marketing. Here we analyze the concept of positioning versus prospecting. Then we'll unveil the simple methods for instantly building celebrity authority to make people come to you instead of going to them. (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 4: Selling Air. Time to start making moolah, but you don't have to invest in product creation or procurement first. I'll show you how... (Value: ₦25,000)

MODULE 5: Pattern Interrupt. In this fast paced generation where the average attention span is about 7secs, I'll show you how to get people to abandon everything else to listen to you. (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 6: Building Your Fan Base. Wouldn't you like to be a celebrity in your niche (or industry)? This module shows you how (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 7: Positioning Your Message. There's this thing about finding your voice and positioning your message in a world where hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs are competing for the attention of your prospects. (Value: ₦15,000)

MODULE 8: Increasing Perceived Value. Perception, they say, sells faster than reality. And that's why many people end up buying over-hyped B.S. But it hurts when you're the real deal and you can't sell your product because there is no perceived value. This module will be your guide. (Value: ₦15,000)

MODULE 9: Never Sell Products. The big mistake many newbies make is to come online and sell their products as it is. If you aren't supposed to sell products, then what should you sell? That answer is well detailed in this module. (Value: ₦5,000)

MODULE 10: Your Ideal Sales Process/Format. The way you sell real estate is totally different from the way you sell cosmetics. Every product type has a specific sales process that sells it best. In this module, I will show you how to choose the best sales process for your niche. (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 11: Building Your Funnel. A funnel is basically an automated online replica of your ideal sales process. I'll not just show you how to build your funnel, I will also give you a premium software to build it for absolutely free. (Value: ₦20,000)

MODULE 12: Sales Page (Value Stacking). This module is an extension of funnel building module. Here, I'll show you how and when to infuse increase perceived value within your funnel using the value stack. (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 13: The Upsells and Ladder Ascension. If you can get your customers to pay your 3-4 times rather than just once, would you take the chance? I bet you would... Let me show you how to do so... (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 14: Salescopy Writing. In this module, we will explore the world of making people pay you money for products/services. All you need is just your pen, your paper and your brain. (Value: ₦45,000)

MODULE 15: Driving Traffic. Mark Zuckerberg has become the Thanos of the internet because of the amount of traffic on Facebook. But in this module, I show you how to leverage on over 10 other massive traffic sources to get eyeballs to your offers. (Value: ₦15,000)

MODULE 16: Hook-Story-Offer Concept. This is a simple concept on how to get people's attention, create desire and make an offer to them. (Value: ₦5,000)

MODULE 17: Offer Hacking. In implementing the concept above, we start from the end and work backwards. In this module, we will discover how to create the best offers that people will feel stupid if they don't buy. (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 18: Offer Sequencing. Imagine the creative currency required to lead people seamlessly from one offer to another.. Don't worry, it's not that hard, I'll show you how. (Value: ₦12,500)

MODULE 19: Story selling (The epiphany bridge). There is such a thing called story selling, and I've used it to get you to read up to this point. But the sweet part of story selling is when you are able to transfer your AHA moments to the sub-conscious of your readers/listeners. (Value: ₦15,000)

MODULE 20: Story Selling (Your Origin Story). This is about the simplest form of story selling I know. In this module, I will show you how to hypnotize people with an origin story. (Value: ₦15,000)

MODULE 21: Craft Your Hooks. What gets the attention of Anayo may be different from what gets the attention of Titilope. In this module, I will show you how to craft different hooks to attract the segments of your ideal audience. (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 22: Power of Leverage. What if someone else is responsible for 90% of the work, yet you take 100% of the credits and 100% of the profits... In this module, I will show you how to legally leverage on other people's products, resources, traffic, etc.. (Value: ₦10,000)

MODULE 23: Email Copywriting. The ability to continually engage your audience cannot be over emphasized. Most times, if you mail them too much, they get bored and unsubscribe. So how do you keep them eager for your next email? That's what we will find out in this module. (Value: ₦30,000)

MODULE 24: Sales Video Scripting. Selling with videos is such a powerful approach, you should at least try it once. In this module, I will show you how to get it right the first time. (Value: ₦15,000)

MODULE 25: Perfect Webinar Scripting. Webinars are the web versions for seminars. My first ever webinar, I got zero attendance even after paying for radio ads, but these days, I get 1k+ participants on my live webinars and convert more than 30%. In this module, I'll show you how... (Value: ₦25,000)

Instant Profits Blueprint feels like a university. With this alone, you will be friggin confident to start and/or grow any business successfully, using the internet as your work-station.

Kindly add up the Naira value of everything you'll be getting...

Total Value = ₦362,500

Regular Price: ₦75,000

But you won't be paying anything close

Normally, I wouldn't dare sell Instant Profits Blueprint for less than ₦35,000, but because "TheNoBSWay.com.ng" is a member of the Promise Ohaneje Partner Program... everyone visiting this site can grab Instant Profits Blueprint course at a cheap giveaway price of...

Today's Price: ₦9,997

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Remember the quote by Tony Elumelu (Former CEO of UBA)...

Tony Elumelu

UBA Group

The biggest problems entrepreneurs have is that they either run out of time or run out of money before they get to the success line.

Instant Profits Blueprint is your jumpstart launchpad so you don't run out of time or money before you get to the success line...

"Claim Your Copy Of Instant Profits Blueprint Now and Get These FREE Bonuses Also!"

To make it almost impossible for you to fail, I've compiled some of my most coveted and bestselling programs that have given me and my students some mind-blowing results.

#1: Facebook Profile ATM

This is a short video on how to turn your Facebook profile into an ATM cash machine.

In this video, I will show you how to make at least N250K-N500K monthly by simply selling your skill on your Facebook profile. The video will show you the step by step process of carrying out this business.

Valued @ ₦5,000 Only

#2: Email Paracetamol

Is your list dead and not converting anymore? Have you been having issues selling to your email list?

Email paracetamol will help you dissolve all those issues and you will start earning a dollar per month for every person on your email list.

Imagine how much you'd be earning per month if you had just 5k subscribers... The bigger the list, the juicier the pay.

Valued @ ₦15,000 Only

#3: Web-Design-Pro Video Course

Learn the A-Z of website designs with WordPress CMS. It's a simple step-by-step video course that teaches anyone how to develop a professional database-driven website from scratch.

The good news is that you wont need to write a single line of code. The better news is that it's so simple, a nine years old would appreciate it. The best news is that you can learn it all in less than 72 hours.

Valued @ ₦45,000 Only

#4: Over 10,000 Premium Web Extensions

These are not crappy free themes. They are premium themes from theme clubs and script markets. You will get timeless access to over 10,000 Joomla, Wordpress, HTML, PSD and other CMS themes/plugins you can use for your projects.

Premium themes markets platforms like Joomla art, Themeforest or Creative Market sells each of these wordpress/CMS themes for about $58 (That’s about ₦23,200 each).

#5: Live Streaming Business Blueprint

Get the hands-on training manual and all four software required to help you start a live streaming business.

In tough times when organizations are forced to stay indoors, you will become a highly sought after consultant if you can provide livestreaming services for churches, events, NGOs, companies, etc.

Valued @ ₦60,000 Only.

#6: App Inventor Video Course

Because of the huge number of smart phones now, there is an automatic increase in demand for apps and businesses are paying consultants to help them build apps for them.

In this course, you will learn how to build any kind of android app from scratch within 60-120mins, without typing a line of code.

Valued @ ₦25,000 Only.

#7: Nigeria's Phone Numbers Database

Have you ever wished you could reach everyone in a certain region with your business message? How would you like to get Nigeria's Phone Numbers Database, segmented state by state and polling unit by polling unit?

In the 2019 general elections, my company was highly sought after by politicians far and wide because we had the phone number database of their constituencies and we were able to broadcast their campaign messages using sms and whatsapp.

Now is the best time to prepare yourself for same opportunity before the next election. Lay your hands on this gold-mine and milk it consistently for the next 5years.

Valued @ ₦10,000 per state.

#8: Web Consulting Business Blueprint

What most professionals, tutors and self acclaimed gurus will never tell you is that learning how to do something is just the beginning. The most important thing is how to make people pay you for those skills you acquire.

Learn How to make between ₦150,000 - ₦350,000 Monthly as a Web Consultant Executing Projects.

Valued @ ₦50,000 Only

#8: Marketing Graphics Toolkit v4 & v5

This package consists of some of my very best graphics and templates for internet marketing. These tools and templates will add some KILLER visual flair to all your websites, blogs and even newsletters and ads.

It was created by Max. A friend who has more than 13 years Internet Marketing Graphix experience.

Valued @ $37 Only.

#10: Butterfly Marketing Manuscript

This book alone is capable of driving your brand marketing through the roof. Then when it is coupled with the AutoResponder Madness (ARM) v3 ebook, your marketing will skyrocket.

You will be taught how to make previous customers return to buy from you again and again, even referring you to their friends, thereby giving you new customers at no extra advertising cost.

Valued @ $49 Only

#11: Two Video Marketing Softwares

  1. TechSmith’s Camtasia 8.1 Software - It is used for making powerful recorded screen videos. Valued @ $299 only.

  2. Sparkol VideoScribe 2.1 Software - It is used for creating beautiful doodle whiteboard animated videos. Valued @ $665 only.

Collectively Valued @ $964 Only.

#12: High Converting Web Design Proposals

You will get ready made web design proposals that you can edit, print and submit for web design contracts. Well written proposals with beautiful layouts and designs. Your prospects will find it difficult to resist them. They will just write you a cheque.

You will get a proposal each for Churches, Hotels and Schools.

Valued @ ₦15,000 Each.

Quick recap of what you're getting...

  • Instant Profits Blueprint: A 25-Module Blueprint (Value: ₦362,500 Only)
  • BONUS #1: Facebook Profile ATM (Value: ₦5,000 Only)
  • BONUS #2: Email Paracetamol (Value: ₦15,000 Only)
  • BONUS #3: Web-Design-Pro Video Course (Value: ₦45,000 Only)
  • BONUS #4: Over 10,000 Premium Web Extensions (Value: $58 each)
  • BONUS #5: Live Streaming Business Blueprint (Value: ₦60,000 Only)
  • BONUS #6: App Inventor Video Course (Value: ₦25,000 Only)
  • BONUS #7: Nigeria's Phone Numbers Database (Value: ₦10,000 per state)
  • BONUS #8: Web Consulting Business Blueprint (Value: ₦50,000 Only)
  • BONUS #9: Marketing Graphics Toolkit v4 & v5 (Value: $37 Only)
  • BONUS #10: Butterfly Marketing Manuscript (Value: $49 Only)
  • BONUS #11: Two Video Marketing Softwares (Value: $964 Only)
  • BONUS #12: High Converting Web Design Proposals (Value: ₦15,000 Each)

Total Value (Bonus Included): Over ₦1.5million+

Today's Price: ₦9,997

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