I Made A Simple Facebook Post About the "Numbers Game" and it's consequences, and People Went NUTS!

Why Are All These People Shouting "I Want"?

What did i reveal to them?

This person even went ahead to tag his friends about it 

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Errrmm... Dapo, you said "3 Hacks" but why does it seem like everyone is only testifying about the crazy increase of their Facebook Story Views only?

That's a good question,It's simply because the the story hack is the quickest result generating hack out of the 3. People see results in as little as 48 hours after they start using it.


Remy Anda's Testimonial

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Dapo! Can't i do this later? I wanto cuddle small fes joor!

Of course, you can go and cuddle, just come back with more money cause once the cost of advertising this to you starts ballooning, I will adjust the price to catch up [I'm not ready to go back to the village]

You can see there is no timer on this page- that can happen at any minute, so there is no need for a timer.....

You Berra Move Fast Ma Fren!!

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